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Consult with Kottakkal Doctors

Kottakkal_Arya-Vaidya_Sala_LogoKottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala trained senior doctors  are highly qualified to treat many chronic diseases.


To take consultation with a doctor regarding one’s disease, there are two ways:


1. Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala itself provides a free service to register online via their website and fill a form regarding ones lifestyle and disease. You will receive a reply from the Correspondence Section via email within 1 week.

It is a very dependable service provided for patients all over the world. Many Europeans get consultation via this method. But some find it difficult as:

a. The website and information is displayed only in English. All communication is in English.
b. The website works only with Firefox or IE browsers. Pop-up blocker needs to be off.
c. The forms do not display on mobile devices/IOS.
d. All communication is via email only from India.
e. Each communication takes 3-4 days for reply.
f. Some patients would like to talk over phone with an Ayurvedic Doctor.
g. Some like to followup with the same doctor.

Kottakkal_Ayurveda_Doctor2. Consultation service provided by Kottakkal GmbH with senior doctors trained at Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala.

To overcome above limitations, we have provide a consultation service with senior Doctors trained in Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala hospitals.

Advantages of using this service:

a. Consultation forms can be filled in local European languages which are translated and sent to our doctors.

b. These senior doctors  then after reviewing the patient history fix an appointment with the patient when both can talk over phone(maybe with the help of a translator). A summary is then sent to you via email.

c. One followup consultation is allowed with the same Dr. (unless not available) for no extra cost.

Facilitation Fee for Consultation:

50 EUR;

100 EUR(if translator required for phone consultation).

 You may book consultation here.


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