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What is Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala?

Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala (AVS) is a century old Charitable Institution engaged in the practice and propagation of Ayurveda, the ancient health care system of India. AVS offers classical Ayurvedic medicines and authentic Ayurvedic treatments and therapies to patients from all over India and abroad.

Who are we?

We are a distributor of the products of Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala in Europe.

Our intention is to provide traditional high quality Ayurvedic products previously unavailable in Europe.

How long have you been importing Kottakkal AVS products in Europe?

We started importing in Europe since July 2013. We are importing now Oils and some other oral products. We are continually importing more products as we are able to meet the import regulations.

How do you import products legally into Europe?

We, as Distributors of Ayurvedic products of Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala, are distributing these products in Europe as Food Supplements and the Oils are meant only for external application. We do not claim that these products can treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any diseases.

How do I get samples of products?

Please register for bulk orders or contact your local Kottakkal distributor for samples or to request a meeting.

How do I get prices of products for Practitioners?

Please register for bulk orders as a practitioners.

How do I become a Reseller?

Please register for bulk orders as a reseller.

How do I set up a bulk account with you?

Please register for bulk orders.

I would like to study at Kottakkal AVS in India. How can that be arranged?

Currently, the BAMS course for Ayurvedic Doctor is not available for foreign students. They can apply for Certificate Course in Yoga or the Ayurveda Therapist course.  Some Ayurvedic Students may undertake Practical Training at the hospital.

I would like to get treatment at Kottakkal AVS hospitals in India. How can that be arranged?

Please submit a form on our Treatment in India page and we will get back to you.

How can I be sure you are selling the real Kottakkal AVS products and not an imitation?

Please see the photos of the Bulk Products. We can also send you a sample when you register there.

How can I be sure that your products are safe and free of heavy metals?

Kottakkal AVS places a high standard on Saftey of the Products for customers. Please see these Heavy Metal Test Reports. We do not sell Kottakkal Products which do not meet EU limits on Heavy Metal content.

Where in Europe can I buy your products? Any retail store?

Bulk buyers can register and purchase here. Others can Contact us for now. Soon you will be able to order via our under construction online shop.

When will you be getting your products in glass bottles?

We hope to be getting Aristhams in glass bottles soon. Like us on our FBLinkedIn or Twitter page to keep updated or on recent developments on this site.

Which products only a Practioner can prescribe?

None of our products can currently be prescribed as medicines in Europe. They are labeled, marketed and encouraged to be used/prescribed as Food Supplements or Oils for external Use.  Only a practitioner familiar with these uses should prescribe these traditional products.

How do you ship products to me?

We can use DHL, GLS or any other appropriate Postal System which is best used for your Country.

Can you ship a special product to me from India?

Our partner in India can ship any Kottakkal Ayurvedic product which is not available in Europe to you from India. The carriers are usually DHL or Fedex. Please Contact us for further Enquiries.

Do you ship to anywhere in Europe, even Iceland?

Yes, we will ship anywhere in Europe as well as Russia, North Africa and Turkey.

How long is the expiration date on all products?

The Expiration date will be written on each Product you receive. It is generally 3 years from the date of Manufacture.

How come your products are cheaper, are they using real herbs?

Kottakkal AVS is a charitable trust hence as a policy of last 100 years, the products are reasonably priced and quality is kept to the highest standard to propagate the efficacy of Ayurveda far and wide. This mission is not hampered by any business motives.

Do you provide other Ayurvedic necessities like Kizhi cloth, pots, etc?

We are looking to provide these items in the near future. For any inquiries please Contact Us.

How do I find a qualified Ayurvedic doctor to consult with?

Please visit our Consult with Kottakkal Doctors page.

How do I find a qualified Ayurvedic doctor for my clinic?

Please visit our Ayurvedic Doctor Referral page.

What is best way to contact you if I have more questions?

Please visit our Contact Us page for details into whom you may want to contact.

How do I pay, which forms do you accept payment?

You may transfer to our bank account as well as pay using Credit Cards/ Paypal.

Do you have an physical shop in Europe?

Not yet, but we hope in the future. But we have many Resellers whom you may see in the Contact Us page.

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