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Treatment in India

Over the last few decades, thousands of Europeans have taken treatment at the hospitals of Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala.

These are the diseases that are treated at the Kottakka Arya Vaidya Sala hospitals in India.

But there are many Europeans who find it difficult to organize their treatment trip to India at the hospitals of Arya Vaidya Sala.


The reasons could be:

a. Language difficulties
b. difficulty in navigating AVS websitec. lack of understanding of the procedures
d. Lack of availability of rooms

We can facilitate the patients in Europe to: 

1. Get consultation from senior Doctors trained at Kottakkal Arya Vaidya over email/phone
2. Organize booking for physical treatment at one of the AVS hospitals in India
3. Coordinate with a travel agency that can book air tickets, taxi, Indian visa application, provide an Indian address required for applying for Visa, get travel insurance etc.

Kottakkal_Ayurveda_AVS_Hospital_Kochin_2Disclaimer: We are not appointed by Kottakkal AVS for this purpose nor do we receive any commission or any other benefit from Arya Vaidya Sala. Nor do we provide travel agency services, nor do we ensure the successful completion of the treatment as we have no control over any of these activities, they being the responsibility of the travel agency or the AVS. You pay directly to the travel agency and AVS. With effort and time, you can do all this yourself as some Europeans do organize it by themselves.

We only provide facilitation service(for a fee) in Europe for those who would like to undergo Pancakarma based Ayurvedic treatment at one of the Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala hospitals, who find it difficult to do it themselves.Kottakkal_Ayurveda_AVS_Hospital_Kochin_3

Caution: The hospitals of Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala are not spas – they are full fledged hospitals based on Ayurvedic treatments. Hence people who like to travel to Kerala for scenic relaxing wellness treatments would be disappointed in these hospitals. These hospitals are beneficially meant for people who have serious chronic diseases especially those that are not able to be cured by many allopathic treatments. These are the diseases that Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala hospitals state they can help with. The customer service and facilities at the hospitals are not what one would expect at hospitals in Europe or even Spas or hotels in India. If one wants to be treated for diseases in a wholesome manner then only we would advise you to try these Kottakkal hospitals in India. 

Kottakkal_Ayurveda_AVS_Hospital_Kochin_4One needs to be generally admitted for 3-4 weeks. So kindly plan your vacation accordingly. The best times are in Winter (Nov-Feb) and rainy seasons (June-Aug) though in non-season times it is easier to get reservations.

Accommodation: There are various kinds of accommodation available at these hospitals. 

From simple 2 bed rooms to 3 Star hotel kind accommodation (10 EUR to 50 EUR). Other than the different category of accommodation, all treatments, medicines, consultation is the same for everyone. To book a treatment at Arya Vaidya Sala, you may book at the hospital site directly or you can engage us for facilitating it.

Kottakkal_Hospital_Aluva_2      Kottakkal_Ayurveda_Hospital_Aluva

When it would be a good idea to engage us for booking your treatment at one of the Kottakkal 

Kottakkal_Hospital_StayAyurveda Hospitals:

1. Due to language problems
2. Time taken to do bookings
3. Website navigation problem
4. Would like to communicate with someone in Europe if necessary
5. Having difficulty getting reservation. Our office in India regularly communicates with the AVS booking department to help make the booking for you as early as possible.
6. Would like someone to organize other aspects of the travel
7. Would like to receive guidance from other Europeans for the trip.
8. Need personal help with practical things while undergoing treatment. Our executive in Kottakkal, speaking English and Malayalam, can help you in some ways.

Treatment Facilitation fee: 445 EURKottakkal_AVS_Hospital_Delhi

Consultation with Senior Doctor fee (optional): 50 EUR

Service of Translator while taking consultation : 50 EUR

Service of Translator while undergoing treatment : To be discussed individually depending on each requirement

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